There is a limited accommodation spaces within the city of
Ignalina, therefore organizers have an agreement with most
of them and will assist in finding the best option for your
team and arranging the required services. We do strongly
recommend booking accommodation as early as possible.

Option A – HOTEL
There are several small hotels in the area, with typically
double occupancy rooms. Most of them have restaurants, so
breakfast/half or full board is available. Average price per
person/per night 30 EUR.

There are many local agricultural tourism homesteads run
by individual owners located in the area. Usually located at
the lakeside they provide more space and extra features
(kitchen, BBQ, sauna, etc.), but not all of them provide
catering services. Average price per person/night is 15 EUR.

Please fill the accommodation booking form indicating your
accommodation and catering preferences and we will
contact you with available options and details.
Deadline for a booking is January 31, 2022.
After this deadline participants will have the only option –
booking directly with accommodation providers.
Deadline for payment of accommodation price is February
15, 2022.

Breakfast is offered by the most offered accommodations or
restaurants/hotels nearby. Price will depend on the
hotels/agritourism homesteads and will be quoted during
the booking.
Some of the offered hotels have restaurants, that can serve
also guests from other accommodations – we do have
preliminary agreements, so various dinner options can be
agreed if required.
Hot meal freshly served from the mobile kitchen will be
available every day at Race Arenas only on pre-order basis.
Menu options and meals could be adjusted to your wishes,
so please indicate your catering preference and
requirements in the accommodation booking form.