Wednesday, May 18th

Model Event

Model event will take place in IEVALAUKIS sports & leisure center:

Coordinates: (55.358401, 26.124577 WGS).

Site is accessible by bicycle or car, but car parking places are very limited.
• EC ⇨ 6.9 km ⇨ Modell ⇦ 5.5 km ⇦ City center
Model event starts at 14:00. Finish will be closed at 17:00. Model Event has a free start times. Maps will be in the team bags and SIACs can be collected in the Event office. The start procedure will be the same as on competition days. The controls and Finish will be equipped the same way as in a competition days. Restricted area marking will be demonstrated next to the Start area. No card readout will be provided at model event.